• Forgeworld Emplacement Turrets

    Forgeworld Emplacement Turrets

    I haven’t been able to find these in a Forgeworld catalogue, but they are variously referenced as Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements. I managed to get one base, but it came with no turret. I cast a second one and then rebased it as these have a very thick base. They are supposed to take…… Read more

  • Forgeworld Craters

    Forgeworld Craters

    Made from the most brittle resin known to the Imperium, behold the crater set. Well okay not the full set, one of the small ones is missing but I have two of the larger ones. The catalogue entry read “Huge craters are often torn in to the battlefield by artillery , bombs and other heavy…… Read more

  • Forgeworld Barricade

    Forgeworld Barricade

    This is one of the three pieces that make up the Warhammer 40,000 Barricades Set 2. A complete set is made up of three piece resin barricades with each section approximately 6″ / 150mm long. Based on the photos I have seen I have the two curved sections (of which this is one), but not…… Read more

  • Forgeworld Fuel Dump

    Forgeworld Fuel Dump

    Another really nice bit of Forgeworld scenery, the classic fuel dump. From factory in Nottingham this model saw too much resin in the mould and hadn’t had enough time on the belt sander after and so there was a good 4-5mm edge below the sculpt. I added a piece of plasticard underneath to increase the…… Read more

  • Forgeworld Imperial Water / Fuel Tank

    Forgeworld Imperial Water / Fuel Tank

    Not even Forgeworld could work out what this model was so it was listed as both a water tank and a fuel tank when it was available for sale. This model was a bit bashed up when I received it so there are some photos in my Instagram feed of the repairs to it. Thin…… Read more

  • Forgeworld Small Barricade

    Forgeworld Small Barricade

    Some time just little things can be good fun to paint up. I am pretty sure that this piece is from the City Fight Barricades Set. This was a two part set. I may well have the other part from the set in the box of bits but it has only been as I’ve written…… Read more

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