2020 Let’s Waaargh

So I’ve decided that I’ll do things a bit differently this year, part of which is cutting back on purchases and more time clearing the backlog. Yes… that’s been said by everyone and the plastic crack is a hard one to fight, but anyway that is the plan because there is quite a lot to do. Off the top of my head:

Night Lords 19th Company

  • Finish the Fellblade – base coated
  • Finish the 3rd Landraider – base coated
  • Finish the trio of Vindicators – base coated and some with detail
  • Finish the trio of Predators – built but base plastic
  • Finish the Greater Possessed – Primer and some base coat
  • Finish the 2nd Venom Crawler – Primer
  • Rebase the existing Havocs
  • Build more squads – making a number of custom ones from various acquired bits
  • Interweave the 30 mark 4 armoured troops into the ranks – Base coated

Blood Angels

  • Paint the Stormhawk Interceptor
  • Paint all the unpainted Warhammer Conquest Marines
  • Paint the Crimson Spear Strike Battleforce boxed set contents
  • Paint Mephiston
  • Build the rest of the Shadowspear boxed set

Bad Moons Orks

  • Paint the Armageddon Killa Cans and Deff Dread – half built and base coated
  • Paint the Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun – primed
  • Paint the other Mek – primed
  • Build Ork Mek Boss Buzzgob
  • Paint the Nobz in Power Armour – primed
  • Build the Stormboyz
  • Finish the Scorcha Squad – almost done!
  • Finish the Burna-Bomba – built but base plastic

Space Hulk

  • Finish the terminators – painting and basing onto 40mm
  • Finish the genestealers – half painted

Adeptus Titanicus

  • Build the terrain from Gregster’s Lab
  • Build some ruins from the cast parts
  • Paint the Forgeworld Scenery
  • Finish the Warlord and Reaver Weapons


  • Build some buildings from cast Sector Imperialis parts
  • Build some mountains

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