Space Hulk: Painted

Finally painted all of the figures out of the Space Hulk set. It seems fortuitous that Games Workshop decided to make them al Blood Angels as they’re a great fit of the army being built. The detail in the sculpts and the models in the set are really nice.

Enjoyed doing a little bit of fine fresh work on these and adding on a few of the Blood Angel Forgeworld decals to give these characters some extra details.

I probably should have painted the Librarian in blue. Mistakes were made. Any way there are some blue details and the figure is so distinctive he’s not going to be mistaken for a standard marine,

I ended up with two of this figure due to having purchased one off eBay to see what the quality of the miniatures was like before hunting down a full boxed set. I modded the second one with a different power fist.

Genestealers. Painting made so much quicker with a bit of the purple contrast paint over Wraithbone. Properly understand the value of the contrast paints now. Saved so much time!

To treat the figures and keep it all neat and tidy I invested in some of the Feldherr Foam – there is a kit specifically for Space Hulk.

Little bit of DIY construction to make the storage compartments

I am not sure this is quite right but it is pretty close.

Great figure storage sorted! The Terminators form part of Nick’s Angels of Metatron Blood Angels force so will sit in the display cabinet with the rest of the Army.

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