So I’ve taken photos of all of my painted Dreadnoughts. The new word for these is Hellbrutes, but they’re the same thing. There are some classic chaos units here. Most of the ones below are from the Castraferrum Pattern.

This was a Forgeworld pattern resin model although I think that the heavy plasma armament may have been off a metal model.

The head on this one was really well done and adds greatly to the model. I’m please with how the spike on the back of the power fist came out.

This ranged attack mode was a great sculpt and I still like it a lot.

Every time I look at these photos I think that I could come back and do a bit more work on all of the figures. For example, drill out the smoke grenade launchers on the top of this one’s carapace.

I think the contrast of the green missile tips works really well on this one.

This Furibundus Pattern dreadnought is heavily converted fro the original model but was done so purposefully to add in some bulk and proportion.

The more modern arms are far more fitting but there was always something very chaotic about the original body

More mass up to meant a need for bigger feet…

This is the model that probably needs most work. The head is too small and needs a custom sculpt to work like the Forgeworld one.

I’ve been practicing my heat effect on metal barrels and think this one came out okay.

The power flail had been robbed for bits previously so has been rebuilt using alternative blades…

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